10 Perfect Jobs for Independent Thinkers

Some people are happy marching to the beat of the drum. Many are content to take their place in the hive. Some can live their whole lives being told what to do, following the rules and keeping their heads down… but not you. You’re an independent thinker. You like finding your own creative solutions to problems and finding out answers yourself rather than referring to the handbook.

Independent thinkers are productive people who change the world. However, there’s a huge chance for them to find the world of work a stifling and frustrating place. They can feel as though their employers don’t “get” them or that their job satisfaction isn’t what it could (and should) be.

We salute independent thinkers all over Australia and think that they might find satisfaction in the jobs stated below. All salaries are provided by Payscale Australia, unless otherwise stated.

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Personal Fitness Trainer

When summer rolls around, Australia’s many stunning beaches will be filled with tanned, toned bodies. And as a personal trainer, you’ll help to get them there!

You’ll draw on your outstanding knowledge of human anatomy, health, fitness, sports science and nutrition to create unique solutions for your clients to help them to achieve their health, weight loss and fitness goals. You have complete freedom to find your own clients and service their needs however you see fit. It’s perfect for those who have a passion for fitness and want complete autonomy in their working lives.

One good way to start a health and fitness-related career is by studying a heath course just like what we offer here at Get Course.

Average Salary: $33.50 per hour

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If you are self-motivated and independent yet have a passion for writing and great literary skills, the life of a copywriter may be perfect for you. As a freelancer, you’ll have complete autonomy over your working life and the kind of copy you write.

Although you’ll often be working to a brief, you’ll find that you have the freedom to apply your own unique style to every task you undertake. While it’s up to you to find and retain your own clients, you’ll never have to worry about a boss telling you what to do.

Average Salary: $56,954 per year


Being an illustrator is about more than painting pretty pictures. Although you do get to do that, too. Ultimately, it’s about working collaboratively with clients to bring their vision to life.

Whether you’re working with watercolors or digital devices, success as an illustrator is about being able to bring your unique vision to a client’s brief within a preallocated time frame. While it’s often a collaborative effort, it is also one that requires autonomy, self-discipline and good time management.

Average Salary: $57,170 per year


Businesses of all shapes and sizes (as well as independent contractors and freelancers) need accountants to ensure that their financial reporting is accurate and that they meet their tax obligations without overspending.

It’s a job that’s highly suitable for the independently-minded, well-organised and numerically gifted individuals. If this is you, feel free to browse through our accounting courses.

Average Salary: $56,343 per year

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Being a teacher is an incredibly rewarding career and one that’s perfect for independent and highly productive people. While teachers (understandably) require rigorous training before they step into a classroom professionally as well as coaching and ongoing professional development from the school they work for, they still have a lot of creative freedom. They can deliver lesson content in a way that best suits their skills and teaching personas.

Over time, they will develop their own unique teaching style and can make their way to a leadership position if they so desire.

Average Salary: $67,694 per year

Civil Engineer

While independent people tend to have logical and practical mindsets, they can also enjoy creative problem solving and innovation.

Engineers require not just problem-solving abilities but a strong vision and a stringent eye for detail and precision. With enough knowledge and expertise, civil authorities can pursue greater efficiency through innovation.

Average Salary: $73,161 per year

Web Designer

Web designers work collaboratively with everyone from established businesses to bloggers, ensuring that their clients’ online presence is as appealing as possible.

Web designers undergo a series of coding, design and other IT-related training. Many of them are completely self-driven whether freelance or working for an agency. They are in charge of not only ensuring that a website looks great but handles well and has an intuitive user interface.

Average Salary: $55,168 per year

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Quantity Surveyor

This job is ideal for those with a passion for construction as well as an unconventional mind and outlook. A quantity surveyor’s main responsibility is to estimate the costs of building, architectural, and construction projects.

They manage, direct, and develop plans and budgets for a wide range of projects of varying size and scope. They work collaboratively with architects, builders, and contractors to create viable and cost-efficient while still conforming to high-quality standards.

Average Salary: $73,275 per year

Database Administrator

Corporations of all kinds require the services of database administrators to test and manage their systems as well as planning and implementing security measures to ensure that they are completely operational and secure.

It’s the kind of job that requires great focus and a keen eye for detail as well as the strategic ability to help clients work towards their long term goals. This role is perfect for those who like to be autonomous problem solvers.

Average Salary: $101,045 (at senior level) per year

Mobile App Developer

In an era where more and more businesses rely on mobile apps to engage with their target audiences, app developers are increasingly in-demand.

App developers need, apart from encyclopedic coding knowledge, the ability to work to their own schedule while keeping to a deadline established by the client. They need to be fully self-governing, taking complete control of a project, and delivering great results within an allotted time frame.

If this career rings a bell to you, our long list of IT courses online can be of help.

Average Salary: $74,492 per year

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These are just some of the many careers independent people like you can pursue. Whatever your dream career, we have a wide range of high-quality online courses that can help you develop and/or improve the skills you need for an autonomous and exciting working life.

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Stay golden!

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