How To Start A Successful Beauty Business in Australia in 2019

We get it. You want to start a beauty business but you’re not sure if it will succeed. Or perhaps you have already started but don’t know how to grow it further? Don’t worry.

We have listed 5 things you need to consider in starting a beauty business here in Australia. Sure, investing in a business is often considered a leap of faith but it doesn’t always need to be a blind one. Take your glittering passion in beauty and read on!

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#1 Concept

Whether you want to open a beauty business with various services or specialise in specific areas like eyebrows, eyelashes, or makeup— make sure to list down every detail of the services you are willing to cater for your customers and strategically plan out its execution.

Does your eyebrow waxing comes with free tinting? How long should one session take? Does your eyelash extensions service comes with a free facial next session? Do you have the right equipment to use? Will your first timers receive a special massage, or should you reward your regulars with a loyalty discount?

Whatever it is, the key is to become unique and creative. Put your customers first and think of what they genuinely need to gain their trust. After all, your customers want to pamper themselves and feel good after spending time in your shop. So what’s better than a business giving their customers a one of a kind experience?

Trust us when we say that once you get your concept polished, your beauty shop will blow-up in no time.

#2 Research

Now you got your concept locked, it’s time to do lots and lots of research. Do you plan on opening your shop at home? Or if you’ve already decided on a location, do you have a market to attract? Consider the population living in the area and the accessibility of your shop to your customers. Next, watch out for competitors. Make it a habit to have a look around and visit nearby shops for healthy bench-marking. This could help you think of fresh ideas so you can always offer something new for your customers. Try to be different and be brave enough to create trends.

Or if you’re feeling stuck and so far you think your customers aren’t satisfied with your services, adding something new to the menu will always be a good idea. There are literally tons of beauty courses available online and getting a certification is as fast and easy as plucking eyebrows.

Check out this list of beauty courses we offer and see what you can add to your beauty skillset! Remember, your business will only be as good as what you know. So make sure to give time for research and development.


#3 Legalities and Finances

This should be a priority for anyone starting a business. Make sure you complete all your legal requirements and brush up with tax registrations, licenses, permits, loans, and insurance. If you’re stuck, go to your local government office and ask for guidance or visit their official websites. It’s never a bad idea to have basic knowledge in laws regarding start-ups and small businesses.

Knowing these will guide you in most of your business decisions, whether you’re relocating, expanding, or hiring people! (It will also help you avoid getting in trouble. *wink)

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#4 Spread the word

Marketing your newly opened beauty salon might feel like a huge task at first, but it actually isn’t. The number one thing you need to focus on is gaining new clients and retaining them. Through the help of research, it’s either you find them or you let them find you. One classic trick is to print out leaflets, posters, or even banners that you can post around town or near your shop. The goal is to attract people’s attention but that doesn’t always mean it should be big and loud. Sometimes you’ll even find word of mouth working best for you! Get to know your regulars and have time to talk to them, become genuinely friends with them and ask them to refer you to their friends and family. You can try offering something in return to motivate them, like discounts or freebies, but if you’re lucky and they really like their experience in your shop then there’s a high chance that they will do this automatically.

You can also get your hands on digital advertising and social media. This works best in attracting the younger market as they are generally on their phones 24/7. Invest some time in creating social media profiles and post pictures of satisfied customers with their finished services. This is will generally create a positive ripple effect to anyone seeing this and will highly motivate them to try your shop. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to marketing your business is to genuinely believe in yourself. If you know that your business provides quality services, then don’t be afraid to be bold and make a statement. At the end of the day, people will put confidence in you, if you have confidence in yourself.

#5 Get Certified

Speaking of confidence with your work, most of the time the customers looking for beauty services tend to become skeptic and full of reservations. And it’s all for the right reasons. Of course, trusting your face to a stranger and knowing that there’s not much room for mistakes could be the number one obstacle that’s keeping you away from your potential customers. Imagine messing up your customer’s eyebrows, for example. This will not only lose you money, but will also put your business into high risk.

Luckily, the solution is easy. One effective way to solve this is to enrol yourself in courses that will equip you with advanced skills to help you become a certified beauty professional. There are also online courses available if you’re too busy with work, which also offers flexible payment plans so you won’t break the bank. Easy, right? Investing in studies, learning from the experts and having a certification under your belt won’t just make you become more confident with what you do but it’s also a surefire way to grow your business in the long run.

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At the end of the day, starting a beauty business is as easy as 5 steps. Just make sure to have a unique business concept, do lots of research, manage legalities and finances, have basic marketing, and have the right qualifications to become a beauty professional.

Have questions? We’d love to hear them! Let us know by clicking the button and enquiring from our course pages.