How to Become a Weight Coach in Australia

Looking to Become a Weight Coach? You can study Weight Management Courses Online!

You’ve identified your passion for health and fitness and you enjoy helping people to look and feel their best through weight management. Being a weight coach is a great career for its flexibility and fulfillment. Now, where to start?

Do you feel you lack the skills to land the job you dream about? If you want to begin working faster than you can gain experience, earning your Certificate IV in Weight Management can help you get qualified for the weight management career you want.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to become a weight coach. You don’t need a university degree – just a certificate and experience!

Step #1: Decide which career you want

There are many careers in weight management. You can be a weight loss coach or consultant, dietician, personal trainer, and more!

Some certificates will overlap areas, but some have more specific certificates.

Step #2: Decide where to study

Some organizations may not require a certificate, but if you’re hoping to start your own business, you’ll want the certificate to back up your skills and experience. Earning your Certificate IV in Weight Management can help you get qualified for the weight management career you want. There are both online and face to face classes depending on your schedule. Learning the ropes is essential and we highly recommend you check out some of our Weight Management Courses below to get started.

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Step #3: Earn your Certificates

Certificate IV in Weight Management
This course provides a holistic approach to weight management covering psychology and behaviour change, nutritional science and meal planning, and exercise science and programming. It incorporates the latest scientific principles and research to enable graduates to develop individualised weight management programs for clients, based on their individual needs.

By completing this course, you will get certified to start a career in the weight management industry as a practitioner, consultant, or coach in a variety of health and wellness areas.

Diploma of Weight Management
This course is designed for anyone wanting to become a weight management specialist, advanced health coach, advanced weight management practitioner or those looking to start their own business in weight management coaching or those with existing health and fitness business wanting to add weight management advice to their services.

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Step #4: Connect within the Field

Joining professional associations such as the Australian Fitness Networks and the Nutrition Society of Australia help keep you connected with the latest and greatest of physical health. Participating in continuing education courses ensures you stay up to date on the most recent information and practices for weight management. Your clients will appreciate this.

These organizations also provide you with insurance, something you shouldn’t be without if you’re training clients. Insurance covers you from public and product liability along with professional indemnity.

Step #5: Find a Job!

Now that you have the skills and experience, it’s time to find your first job. You may need to start small and work your way up to your dream job. Making connections within the field with other professionals can also help land jobs.

If this career path is something that interests you, fill out the inquiry form on either certificate page or Contact us!