How Much does an Education Officer Earn?

If you love the thought of growing Australia’s next generation of workers while also securing a job role that offers greater stability than most in the modern era, researching careers in Education will be high on the agenda. The role of Education Officer is one that is likely to sit very high on the list of dream positions too.

Before looking at education courses or attempting to land a job as an Education Officer, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the role, including the remuneration expectations. Here’s all you need to know.

A brief insight into the role of an Education Officer

Anybody looking to study education courses online or launch a career in the education sector should first understand what the role entails. As an Education Officer, you’d be expected to develop and implement education plans that satisfy both territorial and national agenda and regulations.

When you study education courses online with a focus on becoming an Education Officer, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of all associated areas. Nonetheless, it’s likely that your individual journey will steer towards one of the following paths;

Planning & Resource – this can cover admissions policies, student grants policies, and the improvement of educational facilities.

Pupil Services – this can cover attendance and behavior strategies, special needs education systems, and access policies.

School Support Services – this can cover curriculum policies as well as the educational development plan and general schooling standards.

Each pathway can lead you to different opportunities while the salary expectations can vary between territories and individual employers too. Our advice is to use Education courses as your opportunity to match yourself to a trajectory that suits you.

Education Officer Salary Expectations

As already stated, a wide range of factors can influence the salary potential of Education Officer positions. The issues include but are not limited to:

Experience and transferable skills brought over from your previous career.
The location, as well as the level of Education you wish to support.
Which certificate courses online you completed, and the qualifications gained.
The demand levels for the role, as well as how quickly it needs filling.

The Department of Education salaries pay, as per Payscale, between AU$53,755 and AU$113,803. Some examples of potential earnings include Policy Officer (around AU$55,000-AU$80,000), and Human Resources Officer (AU$61,000-AU$90,000). However, experienced Education Officers at other employers can expect to command between AU$100,000 and AU$120,000.

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Of course, when starting out in a new field, it may be necessary to accept a lower salary to get your foot through the door. Nonetheless, the education sector is one that offers exceptional opportunities. Before making any form of application, though, you must first study education courses online to develop the skills, confidence, and industry knowledge needed to kick start your career in style.

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