How Much Does a Web Developer Earn in Australia?

Web development has cemented itself as one of the most viable, upward-trending careers in the ever-burgeoning online economy. However, it can be overwhelming for rookies to set out and find themselves a job, as they’re entirely sure how much their skills are worth. Fortunately, web developers in Australia fare pretty well, especially in larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Today, we’re going to dive into the web development market and see what the outlook is like for the coming years.

For junior web developers


Entry-level workers spend an average of one to two years in this role. The nationwide average salary for junior web developers is $61,592, while in Sydney it can range anywhere from $55,000 to $70,000. Freelancers are a bit luckier in the sense that they can independently set their rates, but this makes their average salary number a bit unpredictable. Depending on your experience and the company’s culture, you can ask for a surprisingly high entry rate. However, you’ll need the right schooling to back you up. Many online web developer courses provide you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to kickstart your web development career today.

For senior web developers


It will take you around four to five years to reach senior web developer status. The low end of salaries for top web developers is approximately $85,000, but depending on your experience and requirements of the company, it can shoot up to $120,000. Of course, some exceptional cases will require senior web developers with particular experience and expertise; in this case, these web developers can make upwards of $200,000. Taking an independent study web developer course can help you boost your credentials and expand your skillset. Check out courses for applied cloud technology, which can flesh out the IT side of your skills nicely.

For freelancers


As we mentioned above, the average freelancer salary is a little hard to guess, since most freelancers charge their rate. Because we can’t discuss their wages with much certainty, it’s better to talk about how much they could make hourly. Freelance work websites like Upwork have projects that run anywhere from $50 to $250, and sometimes even higher. Since it can be pretty challenging to break into the freelance world with little to no experience, consult a trusted and more experienced freelance web developer to bounce some of your questions and concerns off of. The more knowledge you can apply to your fledgeling career, the better you’ll be.

A career as a web developer has a lot to offer. Fixed salaries with reputable companies are pretty decent, even for entry-level web developers, so why wait to start your journey towards becoming one? There are plenty of excellent web developer courses available online for those interested in breaking into the field. Check out the extensive course selection over at GetCourse; their wide range of certificate and diploma courses is the best springboard you can give yourself to launch your future.

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