10 High-Paying Job Roles For Dog Lovers

Dog training courses are not just for dog owners eager to train their pets. Studying these courses such as our pet care courses can also teach you other interesting and essential things about your dog, that you may not have known otherwise. These include things like dog grooming, breeding, dog psychology and even proper care & nutrition.

Dog training courses are also a fantastic option for career-driven individuals who would like to make a living out of their love for dogs. In fact, we’ve listed some of the highest-paying jobs roles and salaries available for people looking at starting a career in the animal and pet industry.

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Our List of Dog Lover Careers

The roles and salaries below have been sourced from payscale.com and other career-related websites. They are also relative to the Australian dollar.

1. Behaviourist

Dogs need to be disciplined, too. And sometimes, owners just don’t have the patience or temper to handle the misbehavior or emotional state of their fluffy babies. Hence, they seek the help of dog behaviorists, also known as dog psychologists.

A dog psychology professionals can help your pets deal with separation anxiety disorder, dog training and coexisting with other animals such as cats, etc.

Note: You’ll need extra patience with pooches, crying and barking on this one. But don’t worry you can learn how to deal with them properly by taking a Certificate in Dog Care and Dog Training course.

Annual Salary Range: $40,218 – $44,380

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2. Breeder

Dog breeders purposely mate dogs to produce puppies for sale. They also know how to properly take care of their dogs in order to keep them healthy from the inside out. They have the patience and commitment to feed them a certain pedigree, to give them vitamins, and to use specific bathing solutions so they will have healthy pups as well.

Annual Salary Range: $25,524 – $55,887

3. Pet Communicator

Dog owners consult pet communicators, also known as “pet psychics,” when they feel like their hairy loves need extra attention, care and understanding. If you can “speak” with dogs or understand them on a deeper level, this role is more than suitable for you. Not everyone has a sixth sense like a pet communicator hence this profession receives a more attractive salary.

Annual Salary Range: $48,682 – $170,636

4. Dog Spa Manager

On busy days, luxury-loving dog parents leave their pets for some massage and pampering at a dog spa. If you both love the idea of managing a business and pets at the same time, this canine role will be all fun and leisure for you. Meanwhile, if you are knowledgeable in dog training or dog grooming, you can also add them to your services list.

Annual Salary Range: $30,478 – $62,343


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5. Animal Rights Lawyer

Are you a lawyer who wants to promote animal protection? You can be the legal voice of dogs against abuse and injustice by pursuing animal rights. While some animal rights lawyers are volunteers, the others receive high compensation from huge corporations and non-profit organizations.

Annual Salary Range: $76,751 – $259,347

6. Dog Show Handler

Some parents really sign their fur babies up for the limelight. Aside from fashion runways and photo shoots, some fur pals also join “dog shows” where they are required to showcase the tricks they know either for entertainment or competition purposes. This is where the dog show handlers come in. You can be the dog trainer in that show, the judge, or the talent manager. This job requires a vast knowledge on the dog universe, experience on dog training and determination.

Annual Salary Range: $24,585 – $72,729

7. Dog Trainer

Generally, a dog trainer is an expert in training a dog to learn the fluffy home buddies basic stuff such as knowing where to poop and pee, and some intermediate tricks such as turning off the lights, rolling over, posing for a photo, doing a high-five, and more. Since they know how to tame dogs and activate their senses, dog trainers can also venture on related careers such as dog show handling and dog psychology.

Annual Salary Range: $37,745 – $63,530


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8. K9 Police Officer

Do you have a degree in criminology and would love to work with a loyal buddy? The K9 police officer title might be suitable for you! You will be responsible for the police dog 24/7 which means you will train and feed the dog, and he/she will live with you and your family off working hours. But that’s good news since you’ll have a pet, too!

Annual Salary Range: $49,274 -$101,398

9. Pet Fashion Designer

If you love both fashion and dogs, this career is for you. Expect to make clothes, bags, shoes and accessories for fur babies of all sizes, whether it’s for some “twinning” moments with their parents, for photo shoots or for dog fashion shows. This job is altogether fun, creative and colorful. Plus, dog fashion designers receive good pay as well. Such a dream job for dog lovers, indeed.

Average Annual Salary: $64,030

10. Veterinary Nurse

Working under the supervision of a veterinarian in an animal hospital or clinic, the veterinary nurse feeds, bathes and keeps the animals sane during examinations, lab tests, surgeries and treatment. They also draw blood and collect urine samples from animals, administer vaccinations and prescribe medicine. There’s nothing to worry about though as you can learn all of these by studying a veterinary assistance course.

Veterinary nurses also do clerical tasks as well as ensure that the rooms in the clinic and the equipment are sterilised.

Annual Salary Range: $47,000 – $67,000

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These are just some of the highest-paying careers dog and animal lovers like you can venture into. As you’ve read, it’s really possible to land a role that can allow you to exercise both your passion (e.g. fashion design, defending the law, etc.) and love for puppy dogs at the same time. Go ahead and enrol in an online dog training course to get started.

Good luck!