How To Get Into Management The Right Way

Want to get into management? Start by Getting the Right Education.

Management is one of the careers which is hard get into without business education. Unless you spend years working your way up, the chance of getting hired is minimal. This is caused by the variety of requirements and skills that every person in a managerial position needs to possess. Because, as a manager, you would no longer be responsible just for your tiny piece of a project, but for the work of other people too, you need to learn how to manage a lot of things – from emotions and relationships to budgets and performance.

One other reason why getting qualified is so important is the flexibility required from everyone in managerial positions. You need to have great interpersonal skills, understand a little bit of psychology, and a lot about business processes before you can manage others and help them achieve company goals.

That’s why it’s so important that your chosen course is comprehensive, focusing on both personal and psychological aspects of management as well as on purely business related ones such as strategic and quality management. The best programs usually merge leadership with pure business knowledge. Remember that your qualifications will be tested even before you get the job.

Formalise Your Qualifications to Increase Your Credibility

Once you get your diploma, it’s time to look for your dream job. The best managerial programs are offered by large enterprises that can train you by giving you opportunities in different departments. This is where one other benefit of qualification comes in, and which is often underestimated. Project management coach Elizabeth Harrin points out that once you get formal qualifications, your credibility will go up and you will be taken more seriously.

While the recruitment process can be tough, by boosting your credibility and learning people skills, you should be able to bypass all the traps set by HR employees on the newcomers. The typical process of application process involves a few steps:

1. An online application form – this is where you need to upload your CV with your education and skills listed, and a cover letter, explaining how you are going to use your newly earned qualifications, should you get the position that you apply for. Usually, once you upload your documents, you will be asked to pass an aptitude test, covering a different set of skills such as mathematical or integrated reasoning.

2. The first phone call – usually this is to invite you to an assessment centre and ask a few extra questions before you actually get there. Sometimes companies might invite you to a longer phone interview or even a Skype conference.

3. Assessment centre – this is where your qualifications get assessed. You have to use everything you have learned to solve real-life sample problems. Usually, apart from a theoretical knowledge, those assessment centres focus on your emotional intelligence and leadership potential and involve group projects in which you are graded based on your performance among other candidates.

4. Actual job interview – once you get chosen from the group of people who have successfully passed the assessment centre, you will be invited to a final interview where different people will ask you in-depth questions. Usually, those interviews include people from HR department as well as your future supervisor. Once you pass that – congratulations! You are hired.

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