Five Highest Paying Jobs in Australia this 2021

Staying on top of salary trends can be beneficial if you are seeking a new profession, negotiating for a pay increase, or aiming for a promotion. Considering the effects of the pandemic on careers as well, workers are now reassessing career paths, with some looking at what are the highest paying jobs as a starting point to make up for lost income or to start a new chapter with a well-paid job.

Just in time, here are the top five list of the highest paying jobs in Australia this year to guide you with your career plans. MichaelPage based this on their salary tool, which uses proprietary data from real placements made at PageGroup.

In-house General Counsel (ASX 100)
Average salary range: $300,000 to $500,000

An in-house general counsel is usually hired by a corporation. They are lawyers who work directly for a business or an organisation. In-house lawyers currently make up about 25% of all legal practitioners in Australia. You may also check out our Legal Administration course.

General Manager/Project Manager (Construction)
Average salary: $350,000

Construction Project Managers specialise in managing key activities involved in construction projects, including booking surveyors and technical personnel, hiring equipment, ordering materials and checking plans, as well managing operational plans, people and budgets. Want to learn more about the Building and Construction industry? Check our related courses here!


Head of Operations (Mining)
Average salary: $325,000

Head of Operations in Mining is responsible for planning, organising and supervising the activities of a mine. They are responsible for planning future mine production, overseeing the development and tunnelling of the mine, checking the quality of stone, rock and minerals and inspecting the mine for danger. It is actually important that they are well-aware of Workplace Health and Safety

Investment Directors (Finance)
Average salary: $300,000

They generally run deal teams and are responsible for the execution process. They also have the decision-making responsibility and be one of the main points of contact externally for the business. (Check out our business courses!

Chief Technology Officer (Information Technology)
Average salary: $300,000

A chief technology officer (CTO) is tasked with managing the technical aspects of an organisation to ensure that they’re in line with the company’s growth targets. They’ll also manage technical resources and ensure they’re geared towards technological development. Kickstart your career in the IT industry with these Information Technology courses and become a future CTO!

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