8 Crazy Facts About the Brain

Psychology is a very complex thing. The craziest thing is everything a human being happens within the brain before it happens in reality. The brain is a much more powerful tool than most of us actually realise. Here is 8 crazy facts about the brain you may now have known! Some of them may even blow your mind.


Here are our 8 Crazy Facts About the Brain in Text Form

1. Can Produce DMT
DMT is the most powerful hallucinogenic drug known to man and is released during sleep, birth and death. DMT is also known as the Spirit Molecule or the Seat of the Soul.

2. Can Physically Transform with Neuroplasticity
Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change itself physically. When you perform a new action, your brain creates a neural pathway for how to do that action. Like a muscle, the brain wants to improve its efficiency. The more a new action is performed, the stronger and more dominant the neural pathway becomes.

3. Your Imagination Can Physically Affect You
The nervous system does not know the difference between imagination or reality unless the brain tells it. When I ask you to imagine someone right now running their nails down a chalkboard, you might shiver. This is your imagination telling your nervous system that it’s happening right now.

4. Cannot Feel Pain
The Human Brain knows of no Pain. The brain simply does not have pain receptors which means it cannot feel pain and makes brain surgery possible.

5. 60% FAT
The Brain is the Fattest Organ in the human body.
On average, a human brain will weigh about 3 pounds and 60 percent of it is made of fat.

6. Contains Billions of Neurons
The Human brain contains around about 100 billion neurons. These neurons can send information to different parts of the brain faster than a Hennessey Venom GT (a really fast car)

7. Huge Thought Capacity
The average human will have 70,000 thought in just one day. That’s a lot of thinking in 24 hours!

8. Meditation is Healthy
Although meditation can be difficult to practice, studies show that meditation is actually healthy for the brain and significantly helps reduce anxiety, depression, memory loss and can increase your energy levels, attention span and pain tolerance.

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