Top Careers for Analyst and Explorer Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Have you taken the Myers-Briggs Personality Test? If you have, you may find this quite useful. We’ve created a blog series for the top careers suitable for each of the 16 personality types defined by the Myers-Briggs theory.

The series is divided into two blogs, arranged according to the colours listed on the Myers-Briggs website. This is the first part of the two blogs, and it focuses on the yellow personality types also known as the “explorers.” This includes the ISFP, ISTP, ESTP, and ESFP individuals. You’ll also find the purple personality types or the “analysts” on this blog. They are the INTJ, INTP, ENTJ, and ENTP individuals.

However, if you haven’t taken the psychological preference test yet, feel free to take the test now. This introspective self-report questionnaire takes less than 12 minutes to complete. The test leads to 16 different personality types so please answer as honestly as possible so you can get the personality type closest to your unique character and persona.

Ready? Let’s enumerate the top careers for the yellow and purple personality types below.

Note: All the job titles with hyperlinks will take you to specific online courses that provide lessons closely related to the skills required for the job.

The Yellow Explorers

ISFP – “Adventurer”

The adventurers are creative and love experiencing new things. They have a strong sense of self, valuing their “me time” for introspection, goal-setting and assessing their principles. Although they’re kind and warm to others, their top priority is to be the person they want to be which is why they have a tendency to take criticism poorly. They take up 9 per cent of society, making them the fourth most common personality type.

Their strengths include being artistic, charming, imaginative, curious, sensitive to others, and passionate. Meanwhile, their weaknesses fall on being easily stressed, overly competitive, unpredictable, fiercely independent and having fluctuating self-esteem.

Top Careers for the ISFP
ISTP – “Virtuoso”

Known as highly rational and logical beings, the virtuoso has strong attention to detail and are highly technical. They’re adaptable, independent and they adjust to their surroundings. While they’re more drawn into being introverts, the ISTPs are not afraid to lead or take action, especially during crucial circumstances.

They represent only 5% of society and are mostly men. Their strengths include being energetic optimistic, practical, creative, rational, relaxed, and reliable during a crisis. On the other hand, their weaknesses fall on being insensitive, stubborn, easily bored, reserved, private, disliking commitment and having risky behaviour.

Top Careers for the ISTP
ESTP – “Entrepreneur”

This personality type prefers unpredictable jobs that allow them to exceed energy, have fun and run around at the same time. They avoid being stuck behind the 9-5 office desk. They have strong mechanical skills and are innately athletic. Entrepreneurs usually rely on their past experiences when making decisions. They are risk-takers, live in the moment and enjoy pleasure and drama.

The strengths of an entrepreneur include being original, bold, perceptive, sociable, practical, rational and direct to the point. However, they are impatient, insensitive, defiant, unstructured, prone to risk, and have the tendency to miss the bigger picture.

Top Careers for the ESTP
ESFP “Entertainer”

Entertainers are naturally stylish and love putting on a show. They love the spotlight, meaning they dress nicely to gain attention and talk in a witty manner to impress others. They’re also altruistic and love empathising with people, especially their loved ones. At the same time, they try to avoid conflict as much as possible, especially when the issue is about them. The workplace can never be boring when they’re around.

Their strengths include having excellent people skills, having a high aesthetic taste, being bold and original, practical and observant. On the other hand, their downside includes being sensitive, conflict-averse, poor long-term planners, unfocused and easily bored.

Top Careers for the ESFP
How to Land These Roles

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The Purple Analysts

INTJ – “Architect”

Taking up only 2% of the population, the architects are often known for being bookworms. They have a natural thirst for knowledge, allowing them to be on top of their classes from grade school to the latter part of their education. They are goal-getters and believe that with intelligence, hard work, and careful consideration, nothing is impossible.

Their strengths include being hard-working, determined, open-minded, imaginative, strategic, decisive and having high self-confidence. On the other hand, their fallbacks include being judgemental, arrogant, overly analytical and being clueless in romance.

Top Careers for the INTJ
INTP – “Logician”

Considered the most logical personality type, INTPs are highly creative and are born with vigorous intellect. Their extraordinary capacity to imagine, innovate and formulate new things make them the true scientists and inventors from the past, present and the future. Their eye for details is exemplary to the point that they spot discrepancies in people, projects and situations without batting an eyelash.

The strengths of a logician include being analytical, imaginative, original, honest, straightforward, enthusiastic, open-minded, objective and abstract-thinkers. Their downsides though include being too private, insensitive, absent-minded, withdrawn, condescending, and hating rules and guidelines.

Top Careers for the INTP
ENTJ – “Commander”

People with this personality type are natural-born leaders. They have the authority that makes even stubborn personalities follow and participate for a common goal. They’re task-oriented, highly productive, dominant, ruthless and sometimes unforgiving, especially to their subordinates. Their determination makes them impeccable entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders. Commanders set high standards for themselves and others. However, they have the tendency to go overboard and manipulate their peers, subordinates or even family members.

Some of their strengths include being charismatic, efficient, self-confident, strong-willed, energetic, strategic thinkers, and inspiring. On the other hand, their weaknesses include being intolerant, stubborn, dominant, arrogant, impatient, cold, ruthless and being poor in handling emotions.

Top Careers for the ENTJ
ENTP – “Debater”

As their personality “title” suggests, debaters love to argue not because they see things in a deeper way but simply because it’s fun. Through debates, they exercise their innate wit, knowledge, and reasoning. While they enjoy brainstorming, they’re also unbelievably honest. In fact, their honesty sometimes causes conflict and burns bridges between them and others, which of courses makes them a bit upset.

The strengths of debaters include being quick-thinkers, excellent brainstormers, honest, charismatic, knowledgeable, and energetic. Meanwhile, their weaknesses include being intolerant, insensitive, immensely argumentative, sometimes unfocused, and disliking practical matters.

Top Careers for the ENTP
How to Land These Roles

As you’ve noticed, most of the analysts are highly intellectual people. The majority of the top careers suitable for them require years of studying and passion for learning such as being a lawyer, physician, engineer, etc. Hence, we recommend that you also take online courses that can help you develop more skills suitable for the roles mentioned above.

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These are just some of the roles you can pursue if you’re part of the explorer and analyst families.

Meanwhile, if you’re one of the Diplomats (INFJ, INFP, ENFJ, ENFP), or if you’re part of the Sentinel family (ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJ, ESFJ), please stay tuned to our next blog.

If you came here confused about which career path to take, we hope this blog series can help you trim down your career options. Again, if you have an enquiry about our courses, feel free to send us an enquiry through the button below.

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