At Home Photography Hacks to Help You Produce Stunning Photos

Photography equipment can be very expensive, and short of renting your own studio, it’s tricky to create the effect that you want. Here are some amazing at-home photography hacks you would never think were possible. They might even spark your interest in careers in Photography. With a little creativity, you can produce those stunning photos you’ve always wanted to.

Create Shadows

All you need to do is get some cardboard and some scissors. Cut the shapes out you want to form a shadow and hold the cardboard between your subject and the light. This creates the homemade effect of “chiaroscuro” lighting, showing the contrast between light and dark. It can look very impressive if you do it right. Why not work on your chiaroscuro and study Photography courses online? At Get Course, we have a range of Photography courses available.

Shadows can make a scene much more dramatic if you know how to use them. Look for other interesting shadows and shapes. Sometimes nature or buildings can provide you with strange patterns that will add an eerie atmosphere to your photos.

Capture Highspeed Droplets

This one takes a bit of patience, but the results will be worth it. Have you ever seen those backgrounds which look like drops of paint or other liquids caught in slow motion? Here’s how to create these at home.

For your backdrop, black cardboard or other matt material will work the best. You’ll also need a glass, a bowl, a straw, milk, food dye, and a Speedlight. Set the glass down on top of the upside-down bowl, then fill it to the brim with milk. Set your Speedlight and shoot with one hand while carefully dripping food coloring with the straw onto the tense surface of the milk.

Add Steam

If you’re a foodie who just loves taking snaps of their plate, why not add some steam to your next shots? This can be done with other household items like a kettle or an iron. Hold your food over the steam and take the picture.

This is particularly useful is you own a restaurant business and want to advertise your food as fresh out of the oven. You can edit excess steam using Photoshop or other software later. Online Photography courses can teach you to do this.

Vaseline Vignette

Vaseline is a very versatile product, in photography, it can be used to create a vignette effect if smeared on the lens. Professional photographers used to avoid vignette but now it’s back in style. It actually blurs the edges of the photo adding a mysterious frame to your chosen subject.

The Vaseline effect can be made by putting a piece of plastic film over the camera lens to protect it and then smearing a little Vaseline around the edges, leaving the center clear. You can then photograph through the blended frame you have created.

Fishtank for Underwater Shots

If you want to try playing with underwater shots, instead of investing in an expensive waterproof camera, use a fish tank instead. If you rest a fish tank or similar glass container on the water you can create an underwater effect. This is perfect for capturing wildlife.

If you place your camera inside and position it right, you will also be able to shoot the dividing line of the water, so that half your shot is under and the other above water. This is a fun way to create a “Jaws” effect on your chosen subjects.

Creative Bokeh

In photography, bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image. This is easily recognized in nighttime shots, with small city lights used as a decorative background. It’s often recreated in graphic design and in different colors.

You can add your own creative twist to the bokeh effect with just a piece of black cardboard. Cut a small shape for example a heart, in the middle of a circle to fit your lens. The effect you’ll get is a stunning background of heart-shaped lights.

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