Australia’s 8 Most Powerful Women in Business in 2020

Women are rapidly taking over the business world in Australia. According to reports, two-thirds of the businesses put together in the last decade were founded by women, primarily in the healthcare, education, and training sectors. With a host of wealthy women in various fields, there’s a role model out there for anyone looking for inspiration to kick start their careers. If you feel motivated by these amazing women, why not check out some of our certificate courses? At Get Course we offer a range of options for you to learn new skills online, and become your own powerful businessperson.

Take the next step in your career and study certificate course online. In order to prove what you can achieve when you put your mind to it, we’ve put together an inspiring list of Australia’s most powerful women in business this year.

Gina Rinehart

Owner and Executive Chairman of Hancock Prospecting Group, Gina Rinehart is one of the most accomplished female businesswomen in history. Gina Rinehart inherited her father’s mining legacy in 1992, and built up Hancock Prospecting Group to what it is today.

Over the last two decades, Gina has expanded the company outside mining and has since branched out into media and livestock. In her words, she has built Australia’s “most successful private company ever”, and this is evident in the company’s six billion dollar revenue. As the chair, Gina Rinehart has been estimated to be the wealthiest person in Australia.

Melanie Perkins

Melanie Perkins is the founder of the successful graphic design platform Canva, which she created in 2014. Canva offers online design tools to non-professional designers as an alternative to expensive software. Since its launch, Canva has had over 20 million users in 190 countries worldwide.

Melanie has stated that she is not motivated by money, but rather solving the problems that challenge millions of people across the globe. Canva is free to use by anyone in the world, and over 20,000 non-profits have been reported to have employed its service to raise awareness for their causes.

Dr. Rebecca Johnson

Director of Australian Museum Research Institute Rebecca Johnson has dedicated her life to foundational scientists. She made her contribution to Nature Genetics with The Koala Genome in 2018, a study for the conservation of the endangered marsupial. Her team managed to sequence the koala gene.

Dr. Rebecca Johnson has expressed her desire to see more role models for women interested in STEM research careers. She is passionate about mentoring young students and researchers. Dr. Rebecca Johnson is the first woman to hold her current role in the museum’s 188 year history. Her career stands out in what still remains to be a male-dominated field.

Dr. Catriona Wallace

Dr. Catriona Wallace was the second woman ever to run an ASX-listed company. As a leading authority in Artificial Intelligence and a mother of five, Dr. Catriona Wallace is an inspiration. The entrepreneur and futurist has been voted one of the most influential women in business.

Dr. Catriona Wallace’s latest venture is looking into the ethics of Artificial Intelligence, claiming it plays an increasingly important role in company’s automation. She has recently set up Ethical AI Advisory to support businesses and help them harness the power of Artificial Intelligence or AI.

Terri Janke

Terri Janke is considered a leading international authority on indigenous cultural and intellectual property. Since establishing the indigenous-owned law firm, Terri Janke and Company she has been bringing about change in commercial law, and dealing with indigenous clients in and out of Australia.

Terri Janke also has experience working in the arts, which led to her interest in commercial and copyright laws. She decided she wanted to give indigenous people the right to legal services they hadn’t had before, and has since then developed learning protocols in how to deal with indigenous cultural and intellectual property in art and business.

Marita Cheng

Marita Cheng is one of the world’s top tech developers and she’s creating a new generation of robots to help people everywhere with their daily tasks. Her robots transform the lives of people with disabilities, from robotic arms to an app that sees for the blind, Aipoly.

Her first success in the business world was with her startup Aubot, which produces the telepresence robot, Teleport. Teleport allows you to visit somewhere or someone from a remote location, in a mobile video-conferencing experience. Her robots have been shipped around schools in Australia and recognized on a global scale.

Emma Isaacs

The Australian entrepreneur, Emma Isaacs, is most famous for Business Chicks, Australia’s business women’s community. With over 45,000 members, Business Chicks is the only community of its kind, and regularly holds events to empower women. Emma Isaacs also took the brand to the U.S. in 2016.

Emma Isaacs has been an entrepreneur all her life and released her first book entitled, “Winging It”. It summarizes her unconventional and somewhat risky approach to business. In fact, she claims that she prefers not to set strict goals or plans, and instead takes action and follows her gut.

Kelly Bayer Rosmarin

In December 2019, Kelly Bayer Rosmarin took over as CEO of Optus, the second-largest telecommunications company in Australia. Optus provides broadband and mobile services to a large portion of the country.

Kelly Bayer Rosmarin is a member of many organizations and is also on the board of the Australian Financial Markets Association. She’s a powerful woman in the technology sector and her name often comes up in the “top 10 businesswomen in Australia”.

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