8 Job Hunting Tips to Ignore When You’re Looking For Employment

Nowadays, the Internet has made it possible for us to find out information on pretty much anything and everything. However, this does not mean that everything we read is good advice. After all, anyone can claim to be an expert. Clearly, you need to be a more skeptical with what you read online.

For instance, you should only take job hunting tips from reputable sources including career gurus, top universities and course providers. To dig deeper on this topic, we’ve listed some job hunting advice you should definitely “ignore” every time see them in online search results.

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1. It’s just a job. Money is what matters, even if it’s not fun.

Well, considering you spend around 90,000 hours of your life at work, you’ll have a pretty miserable life if you do not enjoy your job.

Yes, there is no denying that the wage makes a great impact when considering a career, but it is not the sole thing you should consider. You need to find something that will surely fulfil you. After all, your career choices will have a significant impact on your wellbeing.

2. Fill your application with industry buzzwords.

Lavishing on industry buzzwords is not going to make it look like you’re in-the-know. In fact, the only thing it’ll likely do is annoy anyone who reads your application. Buzzwords have lost their meaning because they have become so overused.

3. Wear a suit in your job interview.

This piece of advice may have worked 50 years ago, but times have moved on. What you should wear usually depends on where you are hoping to work and what sort of role you are interested in. The best thing to do is to ask the recruiter in advance and find out what their dress code is.

4. Hard skills are everything.

Hard skills are important, indeed, but they are not the only important skills. You may be able to plow through projects and know all of the correct programming languages. But you need to have soft skills too, for example, showing you are an exceptional public speaker, or that you are passionate, or that you people-oriented enough to be an effective leader.
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5. Stick in your field of expertise.

Just because you majored in a certain subject does not mean you cannot spread your wings and be interested in new fields and information. You do not know if something is right for you until you try it.

6. Networking isn’t important.

A lot of people see networking as a bunch of different people forced into a room and being fake with one and other. However, it is only going to be this way if that is how you choose to make it. If you share a transparent and concise version of your story, actively listen, and ask questions, there will not be anything fake about your networking experience.

If you have genuine curiosity, this will ensure you have a connection that is meaningful and conversation that is worthwhile.

7. Improving your resume is all you need to do to get a job.

Your resume wouldn’t make or break your career. It doesn’t matter how much you edit it, beef up the keywords, or re-design it. Your resume is a very small piece of the pie, so to speak. Instead, you should take a holistic approach to your job search, ensuring you look at the bigger picture.

Work on finding and pursuing opportunities that are right for you. Focus on maximising your time, your communication, job search strategy, LinkedIn, networking, building relationships, and your mindset.

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8. The earlier you arrive at your interview, the better.

There is nothing wrong with arriving ten minutes early. You should most definitely never arrive late. However, arriving exceedingly early, for example, an hour before your interview, is not going to go down well.

That can make the situation very awkward, as you will be hanging around for a long amount of time in the office. Plus, it indicates that you cannot stick to instructions. Try not to arrive more than 15 minutes early. Wait in your car for a little bit if you arrive before this.


So there you have it: eight pieces of advice you should definitely ignore when hunting for employment. We hope this blog post would help you enhance your chances of getting the career of your dreams or at least avoid the common mistakes that can stop you from achieving them.

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Thanks for reading!

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