7 In-Demand Pet Care Jobs in Australia

We all know that pet care is a responsibility, but for some of us, it can also be a fulfilling career. In fact, if your heart really goes out to animals, working in the pet care industry might be your calling.

If this sounds interesting to you, we’ve created a list of some of the most in-demand pet care jobs in Australia for you to think through. We’ve highlighted their roles and average annual salaries (based on the latest info from Payscale Australia) for deeper consideration.

Besides, animals need that kind of love and commitment above all else so you’ve got our support.

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Ready for the facts? Let’s hop and roll into ’em.

1. Animal Nutritionist

The role this career revolves around analyzing the dietary needs of animals based on their health conditions. They also analyse nutritional disorders of animals, working closely with pet owners and veterinarians to meet the health objectives for each patient.

Animal nutritionists work in zoos, pet stores, veterinary clinics, research centres, agricultural companies, universities, health consultancy firms and the like. They also continue to research different types of food, drinks, vitamins, and minerals to expand their knowledge and expertise in this field.

Annual Salary Range of an Animal Nutritionist: AU$43,664 – AU$114,229

2. Veterinary Assistant

Also called a veterinary nurse, this professional provides assistance to veterinarians and veterinary technicians. On a normal day, a veterinary assistant welcomes pet owners and the animals, gets the vital signs of the pet patients, and ushers them to the clinic or designated room.

Veterinary assistants also help out in during radiology procedures and laboratory tests, prepare medicines and medical tools as requested by the medical personnel, look after the pet patients that are confined in the clinic, and feed, bathe and provide care to the patients as needed.

Annual Salary Range of a Veterinary Assistant: AU$36,591 – AU$56,981

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3. Pet Salon Manager

Possessing strong administration, management, and problem-solving skills, this role is responsible for ensuring that business operations are running smoothly. A pet salon manager handles multiple tasks – from hiring staff to providing training opportunities to keeping the quality of their services up to their standards.

Pet salon managers also speak to clients, handle complaints and provide solutions to issues as promptly and professional as possible.

Annual Salary Range of a Pet Salon Manager: AU$36,650 – AU$56,521

4. Pet Trainer

Generally, pet trainers help animals do certain tricks and develop certain behaviors whether for competition, entertainment, obedience, security or discipline purposes. Some of them train pets as a weekend side hustle, while the others work in a farm, in a pet salon, or in various places as requested by their clients.

There are different types of pet trainer depending on the type of animal they accommodate. The most common ones are dog trainers and horse trainers.

Annual Salary Range of a Pet Trainer: AU$38,607 – AU$62,618

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5. Pet Sitter

Pet sitters are responsible for taking care of animals while their owners are away whether at work or on a holiday. They can work in different settings – sometimes in the property of the owner, in their own pet care facility, or in a pet care store.

Their routine duties include taking pets for walks, feeding them, giving them water, brushing them, washing them, cleaning their cages, and giving them medications or vitamins if necessary.

Average Annual Salary of a Pet Sitter: Depends on the number of clients

6. Pet Groomer

This career is for stylish people who find joy in making dogs, cats and other types of pets look fab. They do this by cutting the pets’ hair, grooming their nails, giving them a bath, and more. Since most of the haircuts they follow are the ones “requested” by the owners, we’re pretty sure pet groomers have keen social skills and attention to detail as well.

A good number of pet groomers work as freelancers but you can find the majority in pet grooming boutiques and pet stores. Although this role requires passion above all, it’s also imperative to have enough knowledge in the proper handling of pets and proper usage of grooming equipment. For instance, you can learn how to safely groom canines of different sizes by studying a dog grooming course.

Annual Salary Range of a Pet Groomer: AU$33,503 – AU$56,780

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7. Animal Caretaker

This role does almost all the tasks stated above. They also feed, bathe, groom, provide care, and walk or exercise animals. They transfer the animals from one place to another, and also clean and disinfect their dens, cages, stables, etc. They do all of these closely on a daily basis.

Normally, you would spot animal caretakers in zoos, animal care centres, farms, stables, and veterinary clinics. They usually handle more types of animals including horses, pigs, chickens, cows, dogs, cats, elephants, giraffes and the list goes on. But of course, this still depends on their workplace and employer.

Annual Salary Range of an Animal Caretaker: AU$34,292 – AU$60,502


These are just some of the most in-demand pet care jobs in Australia. We hope this list has encouraged you to convert your passion for animals into a fulfilling career, or at least consider it.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in learning more about pet care, veterinary assistance, dog training, dog grooming or anything related, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by sending an inquiry. Just click any of the orange buttons on this article to enquire.

All the best!

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