5 Reasons People Get into Community Services & Support Work


Do you often wonder what makes people enter community services or other support work? Do you find yourself thinking, “What would make me want to build a career in helping people?”

If you’re considering entering support work, then you’ll want to do it for the right reasons. Here are 5 of the most common reasons why people take community service jobs – and maybe you’ll see your own reason, too:

1. They want to pay it forward.

A lot of people who enter community service and other kinds of support work have had difficult times of their own. Some of them have had troubled childhoods, or were victims of abuse, or had drinking or drug problems.

They were able to rise above these issues, however, which is why they want to help others do the same. They understand how difficult life can really be in these situations, but they got out of them. They want to show others that they can get out and find their own peace, too.

2. They have genuine concern for other people.

Many community service workers just want to help other people, plain and simple. They see a person in a bad situation, and their first instinct is to assist him. There’s nothing more natural to these people than showing their concern.

For some people, this sense of concern is extremely powerful, which is why they choose to work in jobs that allow them to help as much as possible. All they want is to help improve the lives of as many people as they can, and community service is the best way to do that.

3. They want to make their communities better

Other support workers do their jobs out of love for their hometowns. They grew up in these neighborhoods, and have seen them change over time. And because they’ve grown so attached to their communities and the people within them, they want to make sure that the areas they’re a part of are at their very best.

Doing support work helps shape communities by taking care of the most important part: its people. It’s the people in a community that make it friendly, that develop its unique culture, that make it a fantastic place to live in. Support workers can uplift their towns and neighborhoods by helping the people that make them what they are.

4. They want to set a good example for their kids

Some community service workers are parents who want their kids to grow up to be kind people with a strong sense of empathy for others. These parents are okay with the modest lifestyles that community service jobs can afford, because they believe that helping other people is a greater reward than money ever could be.

You’ll often see these parents bringing their kids with them to work, or having them help out in volunteer projects. It’s a great way to be a role model, and to teach children the value of being a positive presence in the community.

5. They want to make a lasting positive impact on other people’s lives

A number of people who work in community services want to leave behind a legacy of help. While some of them might be middle-aged or older, many people who think this way can also be quite young. People in general are more and more conscious about the kind of world they’ll be leaving behind them, and so they enter support work to make sure that their communities will be better places even after they’re gone.

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Do you identify with any of these reasons?

If so, then maybe working in community services, counselling, or other support work is right for you. You can check out our Courses for Caring People Who Want to Help Others, and find out which courses will help prepare you for a long-lasting career in community service and support work.