Top 5 Careers for People Who Love to Travel

There are many awesome and promising career paths open to people who love to travel. This includes working for an airline or a cruise ship company, travel agency or embassy, or even abroad to teach English as a foreign language. For travel lovers like you, there is so much you can do to explore the world while making a living, especially after you study tourism courses online.

Getting the right training is a crucial step towards realizing this dream. Once you have a qualification with any of the tourism courses under your belt, you can determine the next process to make your dream travel career happen. We offer a variety of different courses to cover every aspect of the travel industry, so scroll through this article to see which ones would fit your ambition.

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Ecotourism Advisor

We are all becoming more aware of our duty to protect the natural environment around us, and there is a growing desire with travel customers to take a more eco-friendly approach to seeing the world. This rising trend within the travel industry conveys that ecotourism is thriving. So, if you have a passion for saving our dear planet, taking a Certificate in Ecotourism will help you with your dream of seeing and protecting the world at the same time. A love for ecology is a calling, and you can go on to work as a leader of ecotours, a responsible travel agent, or an adventure planner. You’ll learn about conservation topics alongside the standards of tourism – in both land and aquatic environments, leaving you perfectly poised for an ecotourism career.

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Language Teacher

Teaching English as a foreign language is a great way to open the doors to the world. This career path can take you anywhere, as all countries have a demand from learners to get familiar with the English language. Many people choose to become an English teacher as a way of travelling around different locations and moving from post to post. Hence, it’s a great job for someone who fancies becoming a bit of a nomad. If you combine this with a certificate in travel and tourism, you may find you can have even more travels.

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Adventure Tour Operator

Are you a bit of an adrenaline junkie? If you like your travel with a side order of adventure, here’s the course that will give you the practical skills and knowledge to make a success of it. Taking a Certificate in Adventure Tourism means you’ll learn about the scope of adventure tourism, how to plan out the perfect trip, the ethical side of travel and how to promote sustainable travel plans, risk management and insurance and you’ll be able to help people realize their dream adventure holiday anywhere in the world.

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Tourism Marketing

If you choose to go down the marketing route, you can operate almost anywhere in the world. Tourism marketing is a great job as you get to think creatively. Moreover, in tourism marketing and PR, there are always events happening and tours to sample yourself. If you’re good at writing, this is a great career path to allow you to see the world and also develop an amazing career. If you study tourism courses online, you will enable yourself to use your marketing skills to carve out a niche.

Travel Agent

If you’re very organized and you love an itinerary, why not become a travel agent? You can use your travel knowledge and expertise to plan dream holidays for people. Travel agents become industry experts, with many specializing in a certain region or type of travel. Your extensive experience of travelling the world can come in really handy in this job. You only have to earn skills in paying good attention to detail, being able to interpret a client brief, being a great communicator.

Tour Guide

This is one of the most popular and sought-after careers in tourism in the list. Working as a tour guide is a great way to share your fascination with travel, history and culture with others. It can also be a highly flexible career path, with many tour guides choosing to operate as freelancers, or having the ability to set up their own tourism business. To make it work, a good understanding of the basics of tourism is significant.You can end up managing a lot of people and liaising with other companies. Therefore, being able to work well with others, and keeping a calm and pleasing demeanor to control groups of people is a must.

Making a living out of your dream job is what everyone of us wishes. So, if you’ve been wanting to travel the world for so long, then now is the best time to make it happen. Start your dream journey through studying tourism courses online to pick up all the necessary skills you need to make it a success!